Are you an arts group with room for a little more audience at some performances? Are you a museum or cultural venue with space for a few more visitors?

Welcome to Arts Yenta, an online matchmaker offering arts organizations an easy way to bring cultural experiences to an under-served audience: adults with disabilities.

This audience has limited financial resources. Through Arts Yenta, you can partner with service organizations to enrich lives with your arts and cultural offerings.

Here is a sample of how your organization can input an event or offer.

Create page for arts organization

You select what you would like to offer. Possibilities include:

You specify what guests and staff need to know for a great time, such as venue accessibility or need for a quiet audience.

If you are a cultural organization such as a museum, you can create an open-ended offer. You can edit the offer at any time.

If you are offering tickets for more than one date of the same performance, it's easy to copy an offer and just input the new date.

Edit page for arts organization

Your offers can only be viewed by staff at participating service organizations within DuPage County.

You work with skilled professionals who know how to organize small group participation and manage their own transit.

A little bit of your extra capacity can broaden horizons for people who will love what you do. Engage further in your community by engaging an untapped audience.

To learn more about this ground-breaking program, or to open your account and create offers,
contact Arts Yenta through this link.


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